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The Curtain Jerkers

Welcome to THE CURTAIN JERKERS, the first pro wrestling podcast on Project Entertainment Network. Each week your host, veteran wrestling journalist and podcaster Token Tom Clark brings his co-hosts, Steve Mesa & Brodie Kratz, along to get a little silly about pro wrestling. Wrestling is silly, right? That’s what everybody says. We’re here to enforce that belief. And then again, maybe…and maybe we’re not.

Jul 27, 2018

This week, The Curtain Jerkers gets its geek on with "The Queen of Cosplay," Leva Bates. We talk about her cosplay entrances, geek stuff, her favorite moments in wrestling and so much more. 

Plus a fanboy/girl edition of Push, Job, Endeavor!

With hosts Maxx Burton and Steve Mesa, the guys who know...

Jul 20, 2018

The Curtain Jerkers welcome the Modern Day Matriarch of Pro Wrestling, Lexie Fyfe. A mainstay with Shimmer, Shine & Rise Wrestling. A former World Champion and the owner of talks with Maxx and...

Jul 13, 2018

The Curtain Jerkers tackle one of the most controversial nights in Pro Wrestling history:"Bash at the Beach 2000!"

Maxx, Walt & Sgt Fury go match by match & segment by segment in a Pay-Per-reView of this WCW show.

Plus predictions and thoughts on this weekend's big event, WWE...

Jul 7, 2018

It's time to play....some more games on The Curtain Jerkers. Maxx and the panel presents part 2 of their discussion on Pro Wrestling Video Games focusing on more contemporary games from 2001 to the present. Is your favorite on the list? Listen and...